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In 28 years of its activity the Institute EDJT has accumulated significant scientific and research, design and technological potential –it is more than 150 scientific works, about 40 inventions and majority of design and technological KNOW-HOW. Marking printers of the Institute EDJT, Scientific-production center “EDJT", and earlier the Engineering centre "EDJT", was shown on hundreds of regional and international prestigious exhibitions , fairs and symposiums and awarded nearly a hundred of diplomas and medals, including 5 medals of Exhibition of achievements of national economy.

Research conducted in the Institute of EDJT", has resulted in creation of original elements and units of coders, are protected by copyright certificates: Study of emissions, monodispersion and electrization to create original emitters and charging coils; Study of powered flight drops to the develope new deflecting systems; study of the hydrodynamics of fluids to design pneumohydraulic; Modeling of the printing process to optimize all parameters of print heads; Research of working fluids to new formulas and technologies of their preparation. All these results were and are currently implemented in serial equipment of the Institute of EDJT".

Developments of CJSC “Institute of EDJT” were implemented in practice, and passed the way from creation of experimental samples to serial production and wide industrial introduction at the enterprises of different industries in Russia and abroad.

Scientific-technical achievements of the Institute of EDJT" in the field of production and application of monodisperse systems, which resulted in development of the first national electric drop jet marking printers, are marked by the award of State prize of the Russian Federation in the field of Sciences and technique to the company founder Bezrukov V.I.


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The Institute of Electrical Drop-Jet Technologies

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