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The first dissertation in the USSR on electrical drop-jet recording devices was defended (by V. I. Bezrukov).


The first EDJT research group of 4 people in the USSR was formed in the Leningrad Institute of fine mechanics and optics (LITMO).


The first in the EDJT laboratory in the USSR was established at LITMO (10 people).


The first EDJT Engineering Center at LITMO in the USSR was founded with the legal status of an independent research and development organization (60 people). The staff of the EDJT Engineering Center published over 150 scientific works, including 3 monographs, 10 brochures and more than 40 inventions. Since 1986, developments of the EDJT engineering Center have been exhibited at various regional and international fairs (over 30 in 1998-99) and have won awards (in 1998-99 - 17) and five medals of the USSR Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy.


A starting point for integration of electrical drop-jet marking printers of the second generation EKST-DATA and EKST-ETIKETKA. The achievements of the EDJT Engineering Center were officially acknowledged by awarding its director, Viktor Ivanovich Bezrukov, the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the area of Science and Technology.


The CJSC Institute of Electrical Drop- Jet Technologies (CJSC Institute of EDJT) was founded in conjunction with the EDJT Engineering Center for the full-scale production of marking printers. The start of industrial production in Russia of the first marking printers of the EKST- CHELNOK type for the careful marking of eggs in corrugated packages.


The start of industrial production of the third generation of marking printers of EKST- UNIVERSAL type.


The development and integration of the fourth generation of marking printers: EKST- DATA 3M, EKST-ETIKETKA 3M, EKST-CHELNOK M and EKST-CHELNOK 2M types. The extension of production capacity. The reconstruction and overhaul of the building with a total production area over 1000 m2


The start of industrial production and marketing of the first in the world super fast electric drop-jet 5-head marking printer with a continuous action EKST-DRAKON five-channel, made on the base of the original “The Institute of EKST” researches.


The video film “The electric drop-jet safe marking of eggs” was created together with “Lennauchfilm” studio.


The beginning of development of Italian, South Korean, North American (USA) and Taiwan markets. The creation of “The Institute of EKST” dealerships in these countries.


The Doctor’s degree dissertation “Scientific-technical basics and machine ware of automatic electric drop jet marking of manufactured articles” was defended by its author, Bezrukov V.I.

The video film “Drop jet marks everything“ (in Russian, English, German, Chinese and Arab languages) was created together with “Lennauchfilm” studio.


The work team of CJSC “The Institute of EDJT” has celebrated 20 years of production implementation of Russian printers EKST by creating and implementing of the printers EKST of the fifth generation.


Widening of model range of EDJT printers, development of new models of drop jet printers, modernization of the most popular models EDJT printers.


Institute EDJT got a European CE certificate from English Institute TUV SUD GROUP for markers and EDJT complexes.


Start of industrial production of marking printers of the fourth generation with the function nozzle auto-rinse and auto conservation of hydrosystem.


Upgrading of software of EDJT printers. Development and introduction of printers with touch screen and capabilities of operation of the printer with the usual standard "Flash"-carrier.


Development and implementation of a new microcontroller that provides the generation and printing of linear (EAN / UPC) bar codes.


Development and serial production of the new automatic multifunction mini conveyors


Development and production of multi-head printer "EDJT-Multiprint" for working with quick drying ink and independent removable printheads providing printing of different information simultaneously. Implementation of the new multi-cylinder pump with a universal drive. Start of serial production of a new 3-line printer "EDJT- MONO3."


Modernization of marking printers is carried out, in particular,,serial production of printers with an external adapter for filling up consumables started


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