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Institute of drop jet technologies

Institute of Drop jet Technologies is engaged in complex solution of tasks of industrial marking by means of marking printers of domestic manufacturing. More than 30 years experience of working in the field of drop jet technologies made it possible for Institute EDJT to become the leader of developments and industrial conversion of drop jet printers in Russia and abroad. Institute EDJT has more than 40 inventors certificates and patents and the highest award in the field of science and technique - State prize of Russian Federation. .

More than 10000 printers have been introduced more than in 43 countries by Institute EDJT, with that in Russia there are more than 6000, in China 451, in Turkey 528, in the USA 377, in Germany 88, in Taiwan 108, in Italy 47, in South Korea 45 and in other countries, which made Institute EDJT the leading firm with a world name. Printers and marking complexes "EKST" have European certificate CE.

Great demand in our printers including foreign countries is the result of a whole row of advantages: Firstly, in the view of marking of goods they are the most universal: marking of any kind of food products; egg marking; marking of metal, plastics, glass; marking of packaging - all that can be performed with one and the same machine. Secondly, they are undemanding, reliable, adapted to domestic conditions of operation, don't require air main, operate as part of processing lines and autonomously. We constantly renovate and modernize our marking equipment in accordance with Clients' requests, which ensures them high competitive level in home and foreign markets. Thirdly, we deliver drop jet printers fully ready for operation, carry out training course for the Client's personnel and to the wish of the Client carry out starting-up and adjustment work.

Fourthly, we give our Clients all necessary technical support, including guarantee and extended servicing and consultations on drop jet marking. Service department is ready to come to the Client's site in any part of Russia and CIS on the fly.

Institute EDJT not only produces marking printers, but also quickly supplies Clients with consumables for ink jet marking, which have sanitary epidemiological certificate. Having a wide range of inks, we are able to satisfy Clients' demands to the greatest extent, including inks for color marking: black, dark blue, red, green, yellow, white and blue.

More detailed information on marking you may get from the article “On importance of marking”.

We'll be glad to see your firm among our Clients!

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(812) 233-03-10,

Technical support, ordering of consumablesand parts:
(812) 786-69-98,
(812) 746-69-49,
fax (812) 746-69-50

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The Institute of Drop Jet Technology

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