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The St. Petersburg Institute for Electrical Drop- jet Technologies (the EDJT Institute) is the leader in development and promotion of ink-jet technologies in Russia and other countries of the world. Created in 1984 as a scientific center, it concentrated its efforts on development and industrial introduction of ink-jet printers and grew into an organization that created a unique domestic Russian technology of contactless high-speed label-printing.

The label-printers of the EDJT Institute have been showcased and demonstrated at exhibitions and fairs in Leipzig, Budapest, Turku, Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and have been awarded a number of diplomas and medals. The success of the EDJT Institute has been officially recognized in the form of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the area of Science and Technology, awarded to the founder of” Institute of EDJT” the general director of the institute, Victor Ivanovich Bezrukov.

So what is the specific principle of contactless ink-jet label-printing? A stream of ink-droplets is formed by means of an ultrasonic droplet generator, so-called droplet cannon. Next, every droplet is charged in an inductor, and then by means of a strong deflecting electromagnetic field each ink droplet assumes its own trajectory and "shoots" onto the surface to be printed. This results in a matrix-like dotted image on an object to be printed on..

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EKST label-printers enable the contactless printing of any kind of information-from the production and expiry dates to a 4-line inscription with graphic images-on manufactured products and packages made of any kind of material. The EDJT Institute offers printers of new generation with expanded service functions and contemporary design, such as: “EKST-MONO2”,”EKST-DATA 3M plus”, “EKST-DATA 4M”with automatic washing for printing labels of up to 2 lines; “EKST-MONO3” for printing of labels up to 3 lines,” EKST-ETIKETKA 3M plus” for printing labels with more extensive information of up to 4 lines; “EKST-ETIKETKA 4M” for printing marks up to 4 lines with unique hydrosystem, with stainless steel case(protection class IP54 ),"EKST-ETIKETKA 4M" is designed for printing of marks in up to 4 lines, with a unique hydraulic system, with the case made of stainless steel (protection class IP54);

Multihead printer “EKST-MULTIPRINT” for printing by each head (from 2 to 5 heads) concurrently different information with any kind of ink intended for electric drop jet printers; EKST- PTITSEPROM, EKST-CHELNOK M, EKST-CHELNOK 2M, E KST-DRAKON five-head printer (new) for high-speed non-damaging labeling of eggs at poultry farms

The EDJT label-printers produced by our institute are adapted to production conditions that have already taken shape on the territory of the CIS. On a number of criteria, EDJT label- printers surpass in quality their international counterparts: cost of the printers, expenditures on technical servicing, weight and dimensions, power consumption rate, and resistance to harmful industrial influences.

For twenty eight years we have seen permanent growth of EDJT printers I promotion rate to the market. Today, more than 8,000 printers are in successful operation in the food, agricultural, perfume-makeup, cable, textile, pharmaceutical companies and other industries.

The EDJT Institute, emphasizing mass production, has created a widespread network of service centers where the customer can find full technical support on introduction and maintenance of label-printers.

Due to the superior quality and high reliability of its products, the EKST Institute has been able to leave its international counterparts far behind and become a leader on the market of Russia, the Baltic Region Countries and the CIS. It has also been able to conquer the international market, supplying label-printers to Germany, China , South Korea, Italy, the USA, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Turkey, Frear Britain, Finland , Egypt , Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Romania and other..

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