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Institute EKST - Russian leader in the field of electric drop jet marking. Checked for 20 years!

It means:

  • 20 years to Russian scientific and technical school of industrial marking of goods
  • 20 years of Russian electric drop jet marking leadership
  • 20 years of scientific research and development of production base, development of 10 models of electric drop jet printers for marking any kinds of goods
  • 20 years of successful work of more than 5000 printers in 40 countries of the world
  • 20 years of continuous growth of production of marking printers
  • 20 years of constantly growing number of commodity markets
  • 20 years of protection of your products against falsification and unfair competition
  • 20 years of development of new technologies and advanced scientific ideas

New developments in printer family


Marking printer "EKST MONO-2"

Marking printer "EKST-Pigment"

Marking complex "EKST-Chelnok 2MT"

Marking complex "EKST-Sausage"

Marking complex "EKST-Coil"

Marking complex "EKST-Group"

Marking complex "EKST-Shilda"

company products prices service contacts

The Institute of Electrical Drop-Jet Technologies

Nab. Bumazhnogo Kanala, 18A, Saint Petersburg, 190020, Russia, tel. +7812 7864310, +7812 7466949, fax: +7812 7466950
B. Pushkarskaya str., 21, Saint Petersburg, 197198, Russia, tel.:+7812 2330310, +7812 2322731, fax:+7812 2331526