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It is a modernized the most popular production marking printer for 1-line and 2-line printing. It is most widely applied for solving standard as well as complicated tasks. It is the basic printer in different complexes when joint operation with different transporting devices and conveyors (e.g. egg marking and other groups of small objects in separate packaging, sticks of sausage and other). The printer can be used in cable industry for making measuring marks and applying different information on the cable.

Special soft ware makes it possible to connect the printer to the sorting machine MOBA-OMNIA(Holland) and SIME-TEK(Italy) for automatic egg marking of eggs categories in accordance with weight information directly in the weighing zone.

Samples of marking (click the fragment for enlarging):

Maximum printing speed
   One line printing, m/s
  Two-line printing, m/s

Number of lines 1-2
Number of symbols in the line 202
Number of fragments in the lineup to 8
Number of symbols in one fragmentup to 37
Height of symbols1,2 -15
Number of fonts 6
Volume of printer memoryup to 128 messages and 200 graphic fragments
Programmable exitavailable
Synchronization of print speed, automatic startavailable
Nozzle cleaning available
Control from PCRS232, USB port
Print directiondirect, reverse, mirror
Additional functions Four independent counters:
with concrement and decrement, fixed counter, screen counter.
Auto calendar, real time clock week of the year
Days of the week, post date, Julian calendar
Group mark print
Loading symbols from PC
Large symbol printing
line-spacing metric correction
Charging volume 0,45L ink
1,5 L solvent
Case Stainless steel
Printing head Stainless steel
Overall dimensions:
Vertical control unit
Horizontal control unit
Round printing head
Square printing head

340x205x433mm, 14,5 kg
380x405x250mm, 14,0 kg
L=215mm, d=41,2mm
170x42x53 mm 0,6kg
Keyboard with LCD display  
Power- alternating current circuit 110-250V, 50-60Hz, 30W
Hydraulic system- built in, autonomous
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