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Is installed in special connector of a board of control unit of EDJT printers. By means of the synchronizer it is possible :to control photosensor delay, to enlarge range of photosensor signal delay, to perform automatic start of printing.


Alarm indicator

Is intended for visual warning of servicing personnel about emergency situations in printer operation. The device is connected to the external connector “Alarm” of additional power unit.



The device makes it possible to connect additional non standard equipment to the printer:

  • external sensors controlling directions or tumbling of mark
  • external commutators (buttons, tumblers, code switchers) making possible to change the mark with one movement completely or partially, to enter the shift number, to replace the product name, to null the print counter .

The work of the device is defined by soft ware, which is developed for exact usage and built into the device at the stage of its production. The Universal device is connected to PS-232 port and its usage simultaneously with the printer is impossible.



Is used for ensuring connection between printer EKST and computer by means of USB-1.2. It is necessary when . there is no free COM port available. The device is connected between external connector “RS-232” of the printer EKST and USB port of the computer. The shipping set includes “USB-COM adapter” as well as drivers of the firm FTDI



Is used for storing and transmitting data from computer via USB port to EKST printer.. It can store library up to 16000 graphic elements, which makes possible to perform marking in any language of the world.



The device allows to connect up to 6 EKST printers to the computer via one port (USB or RS-232). It ensures continuous and independent from each other printing of information by each of connected printers simultaneously



The device is used for cordless printer control (distance up to 10 meters) by means of standard program from the stationary computer or notebook, equipped with Blue Tooth interface or by means of ‘EKST control” program for pocket PC.



Is a new model of printer keyboard based on color TFT display with touch panel, fully compatible with all EKST printers manufactured after year 2009 and can be adjusted to any user language without changing the program (with that and by user as well). The keyboard allows to reflect information on current state of the printer in obvious way. It makes possible to correct technical parameters and edit mark contents in an easy way, to load to keyboard the table of printer symbol generator and form touch key zone, reflecting real image of all the symbols included into the table among tem the symbols designed by the user-(any alphabets, characters, marks),to realize choosing of a font not only by number, but also by its name, to edit by means of graphic editor and load to keyboard(without changing the basic program of the file with imaging of text messages (it is possible for the user to load 2 additional sets of messages in addition to the installed sets in Russian and English languages.

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