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Marking printers EKST are intended for non contact marking of any temporary or permanent information about products. Information can be quickly changed depending on production requirements, standards and users demands. The most wide spread type of marking time and date of manufacturing, expiry date , product number and batch number. Other kinds of marking are-printing trade marks, pictures on the package or product and multi line printing, actually replacing label. Marking is applied on practically any surface from egg shell to metal-roll.

Electric drop jet technology makes it possible to easily install marking printers into any production lines.


Marking printer EKST-MONO -3

Marking printer EKST-Multiprint

Marking printer EKST MONO2

Marking printer EKST-DATA 3M plus

Marking printer EKST DATA 4M

Marking printerEKST-ETIKETKA 3Mplus

Marking printer EKST ETIKETKA 4M

Marking printer EKST-CABLE _PIGMENT

Marking printer EKST-SAUSAGE

Marking printerEKST-ROLL

Marking printerEKST-GROUP
Marking complex EKST-PTITSEPROM 5 channels

Marking complex EKST-CHELNOK 2M

Marking complexEKST-CHELNOK 2 MT


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