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Automatic mini conveyor with a tripod

Universal small-sized device, made in the form of a table with a mobile platform. Linear reciprocating movement of the mobile platform is performed by means of a stepper motor on the specified path with the set speed. The device works with printers "EKST" and is intended for marking at the relative movement of marked object and print head. For the application of printed mark the object to be marked is placed on a movable platform, which moves linearly in front of the printhead. The start of the platform motion is performed by single pressing the "START" button or pressing the foot pedal (optional). The delivery set includes tripod for mounting print head of the printer.


1 Printing during platform movement : - only in one direction - in both directions (print reverse)
2 Start delay of a platform movement .
3 Programming of a platform path.
4 Adjustment of speed of movement of a platform
5 Smooth acceleration and braking of the platform on the set path with a set speed
6 Start of a platform both in manual, and in an automatic mode on the set way
with a set speed and delay 7 Movement of a print head for marking of motionless large-size objects
8 Signal of start of printing

The path, distance of platform movement

From 20 to 280 mm

Speed of platform movement .

From 67 to 530 mm/s

The pause (set start delay ))

From 0 to 5 s

Number of synchroimpulses per 1 mm of transfer

14,8 imp/mm

*The distance passed by the platform during accelation*

From 0 to 70 mm

*The distance passed by the platform during braking

From 0 to 70 mm

The mass of the transferred

No more than 2,5 kg

Overall dimensions

580х172х60 mm

Weight of the device

No more than 7 kg

*The distance of acceleration –braking depends on the set maximal speed and does not depend on weight and overall dimensions of transferred object /p>

Chelnok T

Is ideal for marking eggs in corrugated boxes of different sizes and forms and also for marking of other goods in group tare . It is used for linear transfer of different objects with their further synchronized marking . The device has a sensor of detecting new object of marking, sensor of tray overfilling ,sensor of synchronization of printing. It can operate in two modes of nonstop movement ( together with the printer “EKST-DRAKON”) and in “start –stop” mode (together with “CHELNOK 2M´and printer “EKST-DATA 3Mplus”. It is possible to reprogram the step of transfer in both coordinates.

Width of tray

300 mm

Length of tray

900 mm

Minimal speed of movement

0,12 m/sec




110-250 V,50-60Hz

Power consumption

30 W

Overall dimensions





Chelnok 2MT

It consists of a transporter “CHELNOK 2M”and a transporter “CHELNOK T”. It is used for marking eggs in different corrugated boxes as well as marking any other kind of products “.EKST-DRAGON” and in start-stop mode (together with “CHELNOK 2M” and printer “EKST-DATA 3M plus”).. Productivity


36000 small –sized goods in blisters, 21000eggs per hour


Belt conveyor


1 m

Width of transferred objects

40-140 mm

Weight of transferred objects

up to 3 kg

Regulated speed of transfer

up to 1m/sec

Power consumption



Winding Mechanism

Width of the band (for winding and marking)


External diameter

295 mm

Internal diameter of cardboard bobbin

76 mm

Weight of the bobbin

up to 8 kg

Maximal power consumption


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