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The unique multihead production marking printer It has from 2 to 5 independent removable print heads. It ensures simultaneous printing of information be each print head concurrently. It has maximal number of functions and perfectly answers to solution of the most complicated tasks in marking It works with any ink for drop jet printers including quick drying ink as well as ink on water and alcohol base.

Samples of marking (click the fragment for enlarging):


Number of removable print heads

2 – 5

Simultaneous printing  of  different information  by each print head  concurrently. 

Input/output  editing and mark adjustment  

                                         For each print head  

Размер матрицы каждой марки, точек


Number of lines

1 - 4

Maximal speed of printing

One line printing , m/sec. 1

Two  line printing, m/sec. 0,75

Three line printing m/sec. 0,5

Four line printing, m/sec . 0,25

Number of symbols in the line

Up to  148

Number of fragments in the line

1- 4

Number of symbols in 1 fragment

Up to  37

Number of fonts up to 15


 Hight of symbols depending on the font matrix, mm 

1,2 - 25

Volume of printer memory

Up to 128 messages and  224 graphic fragments.

 Storing of marks in memory ,printing from memory.




 Synchronization of printing speed, automatic printing through equal time


 Automatic printing through equal time


 Startup delay printing


Missing of  signal to start printing


Programmable output


Control from computer

RS 232, USB port

Direction of printing

Direct inverted mirror

Additional functions  


:Four independent counters:
with concrement and decrement, fixed counter, screen counter.
Auto calendar, “real time» clock
week of the year Days of the week, post date,
Julian calendar
Group mark print
Loading symbols fromPC
Line-spacing metric correction
The increase in the thickness of characters
Graphic display 240
х 64 with brightness    adjustment  of backlight
Automatic cleaning Availability of alarm signal
Lock nozzle in emergency power off

Filling volumes

1,5 L . ink; 1,5 L solvent .


Ink  1L. Per  70 mln of matrix symbols  5x6 Solvent  2,8 ml/hour  for each print


Stainless steel

Печатающая головка

Stainless steel

Protection class

IP 54

Vertical control unit

340х412х225 mm,14,0 kg

Square print head

                                       170х53х42 mm, 0,6 kg


                                                           Up to  2m


                                                           70 microns

Operation conditions:

Temperature (10-35) *С

Humidity up to  100% at 25*С


Power- alternating current circuit 110-250V, 50-60Hz, 60W

Hydraulic system- built –in, autonomous


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