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The most productive and reliable model of 4 –line marking eggs in corrugated boxes at the poultry farms with production volume from 200000 to several million eggs per 24 hours. Marking complex “EKST –PTITSEPROM” 5-channels includes 5 markers ”EKST-DATA 3Mplus”, working in parallel and performs non contact egg marking (without damaging)in corrugated boxes with maximal productivity up to 150000 eggs per hour on any transporters with the speed up to 1m/sec

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Samples of marking (click the fragment for enlarging):

Яйца Яйца Яйца Яйца

Number of symbols in the line 64
Height of symbols 1,2-15 mm
Number of fonts 6

Printing of graphic parameters


Volume of printer memory

up to 128 messages and 200 graphic fragments

Control from PC

RS232, USB port

Programmable exit




Synchronization of print speed, automatic start


Nozzle cleaning


Additional functions

Four independent counters:
with concrement and decrement, fixed counter, screen counter.
Auto calendar, “real time» clock week of the year Days of the week, post date,
Julian calendar
Group mark print
Loading symbols from PC
Line-spacing metric correction

Charging volume

1,5Lx5=7,5L ink


Stainless steel

Printing head

Stainless steel

Overall dimensions: Horizontal control unit

Five control units
380x405x250 mm

Square print head

176x42x53 mm

Total weight

64 kg

Power- alternating current circuit 110-250V, 50-60Hz, 150W

Hydraulic system- built –in, autonomous

company products prices service contacts

The Institute of Electrical Drop-Jet Technologies

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