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  Industrial Marking

Unlike trade marking, which is made by the seller or supplier of the goods, industrial marking applied to the products at the enterprise of manufacturer. It is regulated by the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and adoption of technical regulations. This means that application of industrial marking should be treated with the utmost responsibility - otherwise the company-manufacturer is going to have problem with inspection bodies.

Using marking printers "EDIT", you can be sure of clarity, durability and sustainability of industrial marking. The equipment offered by our company is reliable, energy efficient, economizes ink and has ergonomic design.

Increased productivity of our printers, the ability to make quick adjustments in the operational information on the label, ease of operation of the devices - all this makes working with us very profitable.

We offer the most attractive conditions, consultations of an experienced professionals and purchasing supplies and separate units. With our help you can effectively solve the challenges associated with marking.

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