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  Программы для дополнительных устройств.


The printer ”EKST-Graphics“ can be equipped with an additional unit ”Synchronizer”.

The unit is installed into a special connector inside the case and does not require replacement of other units.

Variant 2-for control unit ”DN4233” (order number-41013)

The ”Synchronizer” makes it possible
  • to control signal delay within the range 0-999 999cycles (of external or internal tachosensor )with 1 cycle discreteness.
  • to control additionally prescaler of cycle signal within the range 0-64999, which makes it possible to increase the range of photosensor signal delay up to 60 000 000 cycles (with corresponding control discreteness increase)
  • to control photosensor signal delay for compensation of big unevenness of speed of object movement(correction during fight of the drop)
  • to perform autostart of printing with 2-100 000 000 000 period with photosensor signal strobbing.
  • to perform start of marks package printing(with regulated number of marks in the package ) by means of photosensor signal.
  • Synchronizer control

    To enter the “Synchronizer” editor press +, with that the standard mode of autorepeat of the marker (Del+A 0 is switched off automatically while it is necessary to zeroize the standard delay (Ins+D) manually. Changing of edited line is performed by means of arrows “up”, “down”

    Mode ( choice of mode by arrows ”right”, “left”)

    • “Norm print”- mode with controlled photosensor signal delay
    • “Autoprint”-mode of print autostart with controlled print start period
    • Start of package”-mode of autoprint start by external signal with controlled period and number of marks in the package

    In order to change the following parameters it is necessary to use digital keyboard or, to choose the corrected order by means of buttons “right”, “left” and further correct its value by means of buttons <+>,<->.

    Divider-sets the number of impulses(of external or internal tachosensor), ignored (transmitted without reaction) per one synchronization impulse . ( I.e. “0” means, that all the impulses synchronize the delay,”1”- every second impulse is used in sequence of impulses and so on)

    Delay (for standard print mode)-is the value of controlled photosensor signal delay in synchronization impulses

    Distance (for standard print mode)-is the parameter corresponding to the distance of print head to the object ,which makes possible to take into consideration the time of drop flight when the speed of movement of objects is irregular. It is necessary to carry out the following actions in order to adjust it:

    • to enter the value of parameter ”Distance” “0” and perform print adjustment with maximal possible speed of object movement.
    • to set minimal speed of movement and enter such value of parameter ”Delay”, that printing be performed in the same area as in the previous item.
    • to set maximal speed of movement and by means of increasing values of parameter ”Distance”, reach the printing be performed in the same area as at the minimal speed.

    Period (for autoprint and package)-controlled period of print autostart measured in synchronization impulses.

    Offset (for autoprint and package modes)-controlled interval before print autostart, measured in synchronization impulses.

    Number (for package mode)- number of marks , printed after start impulse

    Filter – controlled parameter for filtering of photosensor signal


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