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USB COM adapter

The device is connected between the external connector RS-232of EKST printer and USB port of external device (computer)

The device is intended for ensuring connection between the EKST printer and external device (computer) by means of USB-1.2 channel. Such necessity arises in case of unavailability of free COM port of the computer. The delivery set of USB-COM adapter comprises drivers of FTDI firm.


Keyboards with sensor display

General description

A new model of keyboard on the base of TFT-display with sensor panel has been developed.. The given model (further- Keyboard is fully (in electrical components and in soft ware ) compatible with all EKST printers produced after year 2009 and can be adjusted to any User language without changing the program( with that by the User himself).

Keyboard with sensor


The keyboard allows:

  • visually and in full reflect information on current state of the printer
  • to correct technical parameters of the printer easily and to edit contents of the loaded mark
  • to load the symbolgenerator table into the keyboard and to form sensor button zone , reflecting real image of all the symbols included into the table (among them the symbols designed by the User-any alphabets, characters, signs and so on).
  • to choose the font not only by its number, but also by its name
  • to edit by means of graphic redactor on PC and to load to the keyboard(without changing the main program) the file with pictures of text messages (it is possible to load by the User 2 additional sets of messages in addition to the installed sets in Russian and English languages.
  • Drawing1. Keyboard panel

    The keyboard is executed on the base of standard keyboard of EKST printers and has three zones:

  • light emission diodes zone
  • key field
  • TFT display zone

Light emission diodes zone contains a standard set of light diodes of EKST printers and control buttons for switching on/off the printer, the jet, high voltage.

Key field is intended for entering values of digital parameters of the printer.

TFT screen has a sensor panel and reflects all the parameters and control buttons(It is necessary to touch slightly the button in order to activate it)


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